Woodpecker Finch (Geospiza pallida): Revise global status?

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  1. Michael Dvorak says:

    This table shows population estimates (in pairs/territories for the species accoring to our recent surveys on (nearly) all Galápagis islands, except Fernandin, where there possibly is only a very small population if any (less than 1.000), The map wrongly shows the Woodpecker Finch to occur on the island of Floreana!!

    Woodpecker Finch mean min max
    Santiago 2.693 1.583 5.091
    Isabela 31.500 26.783 64.432
    Santa Cruz 28.914 18.350 46.807
    San Cristóbal 10.121 8.237 16.781
    TOTAL 73.228 54.952 133.111
    Please cite this information as M. Dvorak & B. Fessl (unpublished data form the Galápagos landbird project)

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