Archived 2011-2012 topics: Vietnam Greenfinch (Carduelis monguilloti): downlist to Least Concern?

Initial deadline for comments: 31 January 2012 [note that this has been moved back by about two months].

BirdLife species factsheet for Vietnam Greenfinch

Vietnam Greenfinch Carduelis monguilloti is endemic to the Da Lat plateau of South Annam, Vietnam, where it is locally common in open pine forest (mostly of Khasi pines Pinus kesiya), secondary growth, forest edges near cultivation, and gardens, at 1,050-1,900 m (BirdLife International 2001, del Hoyo et al. 2010). This species is listed as Near Threatened under criteria A3b,c; B1a+b(ii,iii) on the basis that it has a small range, with an Extent of Occurrence estimated at 7,700 km2, in which deforestation is occurring through clearance for agriculture, charcoal production and timber extraction, and was thought to be driving declines in the species’s Area of Occupancy and area, extent and/or quality of habitat, with a moderately rapid population decline projected to occur over the next three generations owing to the expected logging of pine forest.

The area of suitable habitat for this species is actually thought to be increasing as a result of deforestation, as this leads to increases in the area of scrub and Khasi pine forest, the growth of which is stimulated by fire (BirdLife International 2001, del Hoyo et al. 2010). Thus current evidence suggests that the species’s population may be increasing as the effective area, extent and/or quality of habitat increases, and, while logging of pine forest may occur in the near future, there appears to be little foundation on which to predict a rate of logging that could drive a moderately rapid population decline of 20-29% over the next three generations, estimated by BirdLife to be c.13 years for this species.

It is therefore proposed that the species be downlisted to Least Concern as it no longer appears to approach the thresholds for Vulnerable under any of the IUCN criteria. Comments on this proposed change are invited and further information on this species is requested.


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del Hoyo, J., Elliot, A. and Christie, D. A. (eds) (2010) Handbook of the Birds of the World. Vol. 15. Weavers to New World Warblers. Barcelona, Spain: Lynx Edicions.

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3 Responses to Archived 2011-2012 topics: Vietnam Greenfinch (Carduelis monguilloti): downlist to Least Concern?

  1. Simon Mahood says:

    Yes, totally agree with this downlisting – the very process that destroys habitat for the other Da Lat Plateau endemics creates habitat for this species. In addition, it occurs down to 600 m elevation (personal observation).

  2. I agree with Simon, Vietnamese Greenfinch and its pine forest habitat on the Dalat Plateau does not seem to be under any immediate threat

  3. John Pilgrim says:

    Agreed – although habitat may be slightly decreasing, it is certainly not decreasing at the rates relevant to NT/VU status (nor is it likely to in the near future, for the reasons listed above).

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