Taita Thrush (Turdus helleri): Revise global status?

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3 Responses to Taita Thrush (Turdus helleri): Revise global status?

  1. Mwangi Githiru says:

    Dear Sir / Madam
    I am not very clear how the AOO is actually computed, but it seems to me as if the proposed revision includes agricultural areas in between fragments that are presently occupied by the T. Thrush, which leads to a misleading exaggeration of the species range. Aside from the occasional records in the adjoining landscape, the fragments actually occupied by the species remain three (3), with a total area of about 350 ha (3.5 sq. km.) as previously cited. The agricultural matrix and human settlements in between these three forest remnants could inflate this to 20+ sq. km., but in my view, these areas cannot be considered as a meaningful part of the species’ range or effective AOO…

  2. Paul Gacheru says:

    I recommend that Taita Thrush be retained as CR status. Habitat suitability within Taita Hills for the species is highly fragmented restricting the species in a maximum of 3 forest fragments where it has been confirmed with a total area of forest fragments is approx 4sqKm. These forest fragments are far apart. Application of standardized approach of EOO and AOO may skew the vulnerability of the species in relation to available suitable habitat

  3. Paul Matiku says:

    Kindly retain Taita Thrush as critically endangered. The approach of determining the area is wrong. Ideally, every species can be assumed to occupy the entire planet but that is not sensible. In Taita, forest fragments are the only viable habitat. Areas between fragments do not count and should not be considered in the range calculation. Down listing this species without basing the justification on conservation success will make it edge closer to extinction.

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