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Archived 2019 topic: Black Rail (Laterallus jamaicensis): revise global status?

Black Rail (Laterallus jamaicensis) occurs very locally throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. It is found along the east coast of the U.S.A., in California and southward in a few, disjunct locations south to Panama, on the Greater Antilles, in … Continue reading

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Archived 2019 topic: West Indian Whistling-duck (Dendrocygna arborea): revise global status?

BirdLife species factsheet for West Indian Whistling-duck West Indian Whistling-duck (Dendrocygna arborea) occurs in the Caribbean. It is found in the Bahamas, on Turks and Caicos, as well as on the Greater Antilles and Lesser Antilles south to Guadeloupe. The … Continue reading

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Archived 2017 topics: Elfin-woods Warbler (Setophaga angelae): uplist from Vulnerable to Endangered?

This discussion was first published as part of the 2016 Red List update. At the time a decision regarding its status was pended, but to enable potential reassessment of this species as part of the 2017 Red List update this … Continue reading

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