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Forest thrush (Turdus lherminieri): request for information

BirdLife species factsheet for Forest thrush: http://datazone.birdlife.org/species/factsheet/forest-thrush-turdus-lherminieri Forest thrush (Turdus lherminieri) is endemic to the Lesser Antilles, where it is uncommon on Montserrat (to U.K.), Dominica and Guadeloupe (to France), and rare (perhaps extirpated) on St Lucia. The species underwent … Continue reading

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Archived 2016 topics: Montserrat Oriole (Icterus oberi): downlist to Vulnerable?

Montserrat Oriole Icterus oberi is endemic to Montserrat (to UK) where it has an extremely small range. It is currently listed as Critically Endangered under criterion B1ab due to a rapid population decline between 1997 and 2000 (Arendt et al. … Continue reading

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