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Archived 2019 topic: Monteiro’s Bush-shrike (Malaconotus monteiri): revise global status?

BirdLife species factsheet for Monteiro’s Bush-shrike Monteiro’s Bush-shrike (Malaconotus monteiri) is known from a small number of records from a few sites in Angola and Cameroon. In Angola, recent surveys found it to be relatively rare (Cáceres et al. 2015), … Continue reading

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Archived 2011-2012 topics: Monteiro’s Bush-shrike (Malaconotus monteiri): list as Near Threatened?

Comments are invited on the proposal to list this species as Near Threatened under criterion B1a+b(iii), and further information is requested on the number of locations, level of habitat fragmentation (percentage in patches too small to support viable populations), habitat trends and severity of threats. Continue reading

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