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Archived 2011-2012 topics: Hooded Grebe (Podiceps gallardoi): does it qualify as Critically Endangered?

The results of surveys conducted on more than 50 lakes and lagoons that could hold breeding populations, including the six key waterbodies that held c.40% of the total population in the 1980s, suggest that the rate of decline may have been more rapid than previously thought (Imberti and Casañas 2010). When mean counts from the 1980s are summed across these six main sites, a total of 1,832 adults are estimated to have been recorded; however, surveys at these same sites in 2009 yielded records of only 117 adults. Furthermore, an estimated total of c.580 nests were recorded at these six sites during the 1980s, with not one found during the surveys in 2009 (Imberti and Casañas 2010). The difference in the number of adults recorded suggests that a decline of c.94% has occurred at these sites over c.24 years. This equates to a decline of 90.5% over the past 21 years, assuming an exponential trend. Continue reading

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