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Archived 2011-2012 topics: Grey Crowned-crane (Balearica regulorum): does it qualify as Endangered?

When this species was uplisted from Least Concern to Vulnerable in the 2009 Red List update, there was some evidence to suggest that declines may have exceeded a rate of 50% during the past three generations or 45 years (Beilfuss et al. 2007), but data were regarded as patchy and an overall decline of 30-49% was considered a more reasonable estimate. Overall estimates suggest that the species’s global population has declined from over 100,000 individuals in 1985 to 50,000-64,000 individuals in 2004 (Beilfuss et al. 2007). This implies that the species may have declined by over 50% in 19 years, and when these data are extrapolated to a period of 45 years in the past (1967-2012) or past and future (1985-2030), assuming an exponential trend, the calculated rate of decline is c.65-80%.
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