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Archived 2010-2011 topics: Great Indian Bustard (Ardeotis nigriceps): uplist to Critically Endangered?

Great Indian Bustard Ardeotis nigriceps is currently listed as Endangered under criterion C2a(ii) because it was thought to have a population of 250-999 individuals, which is suspected to be declining (at an estimated rate of 20-29% over 10 years). This species’s population has declined from an estimated 1,260 individuals in 1969 (Dharmakumarsinhji 1971 in Dutta et al. 2010) to c.300 individuals in 2008 (Dutta et al. 2010). A calculation of the rate of decline over three generations (47 years) using these data, and assuming an exponential trend, suggests that the species has declined at a rate equivalent to c.82% over 47 years. Continue reading

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