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Archived 2019 topic: Giant White-eye (Megazosterops palauensis): revise global status?

BirdLife species factsheet for Giant White-eye: http://datazone.birdlife.org/species/factsheet/Giant-White-eye Giant White-eye (Megazosterops palauensis) is endemic to Palau, being common on the islands of Peleliu and Ngeruktabl (van Balen 2018). There is also one record from Babeldaob Island (Olsen and Eberdong 2009), but … Continue reading

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Archived 2018 topic: Further analyses of data from Tracewski et al., with respect to criterion B2

This discussion was first published as part of the 2018 Red List update. At the time a decision regarding the status of several species was pended, but to enable potential reassessment of these species as part of the 2019 Red … Continue reading

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