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Archived 2011-2012 topics: Gabela Bush-shrike (Laniarius amboimensis): downlist to Vulnerable?

Records of this species recently published by Mills (2010) indicate that its range is larger than previously thought. Remapping of its range by BirdLife has resulted in a new EOO of c.2,900 km2, which still meets the range size threshold for Endangered under criterion B1. However, the recent paper by Mills (2010) indicates that the species has been recorded at more than five locations since 1974. An additional record from the Sumbe-Gabela Road indicates that it has been recorded from at least seven locations in recent decades. Using the same method, the incorporation of the new EOO estimate (45% = 1,305 km2) gives a population estimate of c.3,260-9,140 individuals, suggesting that it should now be placed in the band 2,500-9,999 individuals. It is proposed that this species be downlisted to Vulnerable, for which it would qualify under criteria B1a+b(ii,iii); C2a(ii). Continue reading

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