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Archived 2021 topic: Cochabamba Mountain-finch (Poospiza garleppi): Revise global status?

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Archived 2010-2011 topics: Cochabamba Mountain-finch (Compsospiza garleppi): request for information

Cochabamba Mountain-finch Compsospiza garleppi is listed as Endangered under criterion B1a+b(i,ii,iii,v) because it occupies an Extent of Occurrence (EOO) estimated at less than 5,000 km2, in which its habitat is severely fragmented and its population is suspected to be in decline. Given that our knowledge of this species has improved greatly, it would be appropriate to seek an up-to-date estimate of the population size, as well as more information on the likely population trend over 11 years (estimate of three generations) and the current severity of threats faced by the species. Continue reading

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