Data Deficient species

If there is no direct or indirect information available about a species’ current status or possible threats, this species is listed as Data Deficient (DD) on the Red List. The information about the species is so uncertain that both Least Concern (LC) and Critically Endangered (CR) are plausible categories.

Currently 53 bird species are listed as DD on the IUCN Red List: click to see the full list

Species listed as DD are of high priority for the Red List, as we have no information on whether these species have a high or low risk of extinction, or whether they may already be extinct. Therefore, we seek to obtain as much information on these species as possible, so that we will be able to categorise them.

On this page, we ask for information regarding bird species listed as DD. In particular, we are interested in anything related to the conservation status of these species, i.e. the population size, population trend and geographical distribution. Furthermore, information on behaviour and ecological requirements can provide important evidence and help resolve the threat status. To contribute information on any of the birds listed as DD, please comment below.

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