Somali Thrush (Turdus ludoviciae): Revise global status?

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  1. In October 2015 and 2016, I spent 8 days in excellent habitat in Daalo Mountains in Somaliland and this species was common in suitable habitat. I had ideal field conditions, a field vehicle with a driver, two soldiers for security, good weather and was able to spend 10-12 hours in the field every day, starting between 5:30-6 AM. I also spent another 20 days in the rest of Somaliland, covering the area from Hargeisa to Daalo Mts and back (2 round trips in two years, over 4000 km), again with ideal field conditions, a vehicle with a driver, no obvious safety threats and was able to spend almost all the daylight hours in the field. It was reasonably common in suitable habitat.

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