Archived: Preliminary decisions for the 2013 Red List

Download link for spreadsheet: 2013 Forum topics – Preliminary decisions

The attached spreadsheet lists preliminary decisions for the 2013 Red List update. You may use the filters to look at decisions relevant to your region or species group of interest.

There will now be an opportunity to make comments on these preliminary decisions, and a final chance to post any further comments in the discussions underway, before the deadline of 19 August, after which we will post final decisions. You may post comments on this discussion thread or those for each species.

Discussions on species that are lacking sufficient feedback to enable a decision in this round will be held open for comments until the next round, which are expected early in the new year, ahead of the 2014 Red List update next spring. Species that are likely to be held over (unless we receive further information before 19 August) are marked ‘pend’ in the spreadsheet of preliminary decisions.

Please note that decisions for newly-defined non-passerine species resulting from the application of the Tobias et al. (2010) criteria are being deferred until the next round, and their Red List assessments are due to be published in the 2014 update.

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