Archived 2012-2013 topics: Palawan Striped-babbler (Stachyris hypogrammica): uplist to Endangered?

BirdLife species factsheet for Palawan Striped-babbler Palawan Striped-babbler Stachyris hypogrammica is restricted to Palawan, Philippines, where it is known from Mt Victoria, Mt Mataling, Mt Borangbato, Mt Mantalingajan at the peak and at Magtaguimbong. It is currently listed as Near Threatened under criterion B1ab(iii) because it has a small range and its montane habitats were thought relatively safe from the threat of conversion. However, the Extent of Occurrence (EOO) of this species is estimated to be 260km2 and it is known from just five locations. Although various reports have suggested that it remains common within its limited range, the rates of deforestation are said to be increasing on the island. If there is sufficient evidence to suggest that this species’s range is in continuing decline, and it’s EOO is <5,000km2 and it is found in ≤5 locations, this species would warrant uplisting to Endangered under criterion B1ab(iii) of the IUCN Red List. If evidence confirms that the species’s range and population are relatively stable, it should remain as Near Threatened on the basis that it approaches criterion B1ab(iii). Information is requested on this species’s distribution, population size, trends, and on the rates of habitat conversion within its range. Comments on the proposed uplisting are also welcome.

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4 Responses to Archived 2012-2013 topics: Palawan Striped-babbler (Stachyris hypogrammica): uplist to Endangered?

  1. Duncan Wilson says:

    Is it not counter-intuitive to propose the uplisting of this species, which is arguably likely to be one of the least-threatened Palawan endemics, while simultaneously proposing the down-listing of three lowland bird species endemic to this island?

    While deforestation on Palawan is indisputable, is there evidence to suggest that it is a current threat to this species, which is apparently restricted to somewhat remote montane forest?

  2. Palawan Striped Babbler is confined to Montane forest above 1000m and my observations on Mount Mantalingahan and Mount Victoria suggest it is not uncommon above 1300m. The 5 locations it is known from are the only ones that have been accessed by birders but it is surely present in all suitable habitats above this altitude. I have seen no evidence that any areas of montane forest are under threat of logging and indeed this seems unlikely given that there are still large tracts of lowland forest this seems unlikely. I would suggest not to uplist unless the limited EOO justifies it.

  3. I think based on reports Palawan Striped Babbler really confined in higher elevation. Although very few studies conducted but it is quite rare in there natural habitat. Elevating this species in endangered is far more better. But there should have more concrete report/study/ birdwatchers account on the distribution of this species.

  4. In the areas I have visited on Mount Mantalingahan and Mount Victoria there is no evidence of any forest clearance within the altitude range of the species.

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