Oriental Hobby (Falco severus): Revise global status?

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3 Responses to Oriental Hobby (Falco severus): Revise global status?

  1. Paul Thompson says:

    A few recent records suggesting a very small resident population, possibly just a pair, in the furthest southeast corner of Bangladesh (not shown in map) is a result of greater observer effort and should not be taken as evidence of any increase. Suitable habitat there is limited and threatened and the species remains a national rarity.

  2. Praveen J says:

    The population in southern India, resident or wintering, is virtually non-existent with no reliable 20th or 21st century records from the Western Ghats.
    It definitely occurred once, for there are 19thC specimens from southern Kerala in NHM, London

  3. Anwaruddin Choudhury says:

    Its sightings are always rare in NE India. Mostly single birds are seen. Assessing abundance difficult but the numbers are small and habitat fast vanihing are facts. Hence, may be considered for upgradation if data from across its range show similar trend.

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