Micronesian Scrubfowl (Megapodius laperouse): Revise global status?

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  1. Gary J Wiles says:

    I have to seriously question the large number of birds reported for the island of Ascuncion in the Marianas on the 2010 survey, where the population was estimated at 5,714 (95% CI – 3,135-8,821). Given that the island is only 7 sq km in size, this corresponds to a mean density of 816 birds/sq km (95% CI – 448-1,260) across the island. This seems like an impossibly high density, given the numbers reported for the other northern Marianas during the same survey and over the years. This means that your estimate of current population size of the species could easily be a substantail overestimate. As a result, I don’t support reclassifying the species to Near Threatened.

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