Archived 2017 topics: Mayr’s Forest-rail (Rallicula mayri): list as Least Concern?

BirdLife Species factsheet for Mayr’s Forest-rail:


Mayr’s Forest-rail, Rallicula mayri, is currently listed as Data Deficient. This species was formerly known from specimens from montane forest in the north of New Guinea (Cyclops, Bewani, and Torricelli) in both Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In the Cylcops Mountains it was known from four specimens (Diamond 1969), but subsequent work in 1992 failed to find it (K. D. Bishop in litt. 1996). It was described as common in the Bewani and Torricelli Mountains based on the specimens collected in 1966 (Diamond 1969, Collar et al. 1994, J. Diamond in litt. 1987), though there have been no further searches for the species there.

Research conducted in the Foja Mountains in 2005-2009 found this species to be common to uncommon at elevations of 1,198-1,680 m (Beehler et al. 2012), thus confirming previous records from there in 1979 and 1981 (Diamond 1985). The fact that it inhabits areas which are rarely visited increase the likelihood that it may be locally common, as is the case with other New Guinea congeners (Coates 1985, Beehler et al. 1986). There are minimal threats to this species as it inhabits such isolated high altitude mountains, and hence the population is suspected to be stable. Therefore, this species is not thought to approach the threshold for Vulnerable under any criterion, and so would warrant listing as Least Concern.

We welcome any comments or further information regarding this proposed listing.



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  1. Hannah Wheatley (BirdLife) says:

    Preliminary proposals

    Based on available information, our preliminary proposal for the 2017 Red List would be to adopt the proposed classifications outlined in the initial forum discussion.

    There is now a period for further comments until the final deadline of 4 August, after which the recommended categorisations will be put forward to IUCN.

    Please note that we will then only post final recommended categorisations on forum discussions where these differ from those in the initial proposal.

    The final 2017 Red List categories will be published on the BirdLife and IUCN websites in early December, following further checking of information relevant to the assessments by both BirdLife and IUCN.

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