MacGillivray’s Prion (Pachyptila macgillivrayi): Revise global status?

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1 Response to MacGillivray’s Prion (Pachyptila macgillivrayi): Revise global status?

  1. I agree that given the projected decline on Gough the species would currently meet the criteria to be listed as Critically Endangered. However, that status is almost entirely due to the low productivity imposed by mouse predation on Gough Island. On 14 June 2021 a mouse eradication commenced on Gough Island, and it is plausible that the main threat for this species could be removed by the end of August. We would therefore recommend to postpone a potential change in the status of this species until October 2021, and only uplist the species to Critically Endangered if the mouse eradication on Gough has failed and the declining trend can be assumed to continue.

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