Little Woodstar (Chaetocercus bombus): Revise global status?

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  1. If you overlap the distribution map of C. bombus with the South American threatened ecosystems red list (Ferrer-Paris et al. 2019) and the mining concessions in southern Ecuador. It might be important to keep the VU category for current and future threats. Also, its seasonal mobility might be comprimised for the critical conditions of the subtropical forest and subtropical riparian vegetation that the bird follows to go to montane areas (mainly on southwest Ecuador). Finnally, this species can be easily misidentified and several records of other species (e.g., Short-tailed Woodstar and Purple-throated Woodstar) might be added to eBird or iNaturalist as C. bombus (it can be an erroneous idea of frequent records). I suggest keeped it in the same category of threat until a proper assessment.

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