Archived: Freshwater shrimps (2017 AZE update consultation)

Please note that this 1st phase of the 2017 AZE consultation has now closed. Many thanks to everyone who contributed during July and August. The 2nd phase of the consultation, focusing on the spatial boundaries of the sites, is taking place on a different platform. Please follow this link to access it, and provide feedback using the links to Survey Monkey by the deadline of 12 November. Many thanks.


Please click on the link below to access an Excel spreadsheet listing all the proposed AZE sites triggered by freshwater shrimp species. Please post any comments or feedback on these proposed sites on this page (rather than on any of the AZE pages for other taxa) by 31 July 2017. Comments indicating that you have looked through the data, but do not have any suggested amendments or more specific feedback, are also welcome. Many thanks in advance – BirdLife, IUCN and ABC

Freshwater shrimps

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2 Responses to Archived: Freshwater shrimps (2017 AZE update consultation)

  1. Janet Scott (IUCN) says:

    Summarised from comments received from Aliança Brasileira para a Extinção Zero (the Brazilian Alliance for Zero Extinction, BAZE) regarding sites/species from multiple taxonomic groups:
    Planalto Central – Cryphiops brasiliensis – Is listed as DD on Brazilian Redlist.

    • Janet Scott (IUCN) says:

      Summarised from reply:
      For the global AZE list we need to follow the global IUCN Red List category.

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