East Coast Akalat (Sheppardia gunningi): Revise global status?

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  1. Paul Matiku says:

    The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, the stronghold for the East Coast Akalat, is a forest that has benefited from significant conservation attention. Forest loss takes place albeit not a very high rate. However, the loss of forest is mainly highest in Akalat suitable habitats. The Akalat is a forest specialist that prefers canopied shaded forest areas with dead logs and moss. Dead logs are getting scarce and even areas that look like good forests are more open shrinking the habitat for the Akalat further. This small bird nests on the ground using moss which is rare as dead wood has also reduced and the nests are predated by snakes. There may be no data to show the rate of decline but no doubt the population has not improved. My strong recommendation is to main the NT status until new data becomes available. Down listing the status of this species may significantly reduce the attention given to this forest leading to more serious conservation concerns. Precautionary approach needs to be considered.

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