Archived 2010-2011 topics: Derbyan Parakeet (Psittacula derbiana): information on the threat from trade and resulting population trends requested.

Derbyan Parakeet Psittacula derbiana is currently listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List because its population size and trends and range size are all thought to lie well outside the thresholds for listing under a threatened category.

B. Anderson in litt. (2008) has, however, provided the following comment: “Ben King found them daily in Muli in 1989 and now the locals did not even know about them, let alone we did not see any. It is being heavily trapped in Sichuan and east Tibet, and is probably rapidly heading for extinction.”

When compiling the 2001 publication Threatened Birds of Asia BirdLife International received varying reports concerning the threat from trade and others that suggest it remains common within parts of its range.

Therefore, comments on population trends and threats to the species are invited. If these suggest that the species is declining at a rate approaching 30% over three generations the species may warrant uplisting.

(This discussion was first started as part of the 2010 Red List update)

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2 Responses to Archived 2010-2011 topics: Derbyan Parakeet (Psittacula derbiana): information on the threat from trade and resulting population trends requested.

  1. Andy Symes says:

    Comments received as part of 2010 update:

    He Fen-Qi (February 2010):
    I only have second-hand info of the Derbyan Parakeet.

    Some birdwatchers told me that the parakeet became rarer in the last few years in NW Yunnan and SW Sichuan.

    While, we visited the village in S Yunnan, for 3 times in the last 5 years, where a small flock of the parakeet could be found, and the birds seemed Okay there.

    Jesper Hornskov (February 2010):
    I’d say Lord Derby’s Parakeet is under considerable pressure. As Bjorn pointed out it has been wiped out locally in a short space of time.

    That He Fenqi’s small ‘extra-limital’ population seems to be doing well is pleasing but no justification for NOT listing it as threatened.

    One still sees them for sale in SE Tibet. Improved infrastructure would mean that the area is increasingly open to the pet bird traders. Likewise, increased domestic tourism – incl people driving private vehicles – means that there’s a larger pool of potential buyers…

  2. James Eaton says:

    There is no doubt this species is being heavily hunted for the pet-trade. On a recent visit, June 2010 to east Xizang in search of the species we found that most buildings we entered would have a pet parakeet – even a Monastery we visited in search of wild birds held a captive bird.
    A visit to NW Yunnan in May 2010 to Baima Xueshan NNR the locals inside the park told us the birds are no longer present here, despite seemingly large areas of good habitat left.

    A flock of 1200 was found last winter however on the Yunnan/Xizang border – the photo of the flock appears online on a Chinese bird information website.

    James Eaton

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