Chinese Grass-babbler (Graminicola striatus): Revise global status?

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2 Responses to Chinese Grass-babbler (Graminicola striatus): Revise global status?

  1. Xi ZHENG says:

    A range-wide survey of Chinese Grass-babbler has been conducted across southern China between 2016 and 2018, the proposed downlisting to NT is consistent with the conclusion of this study. Key findings of this study include:
    – Literature and specimen collection review has found no evidence of Chinese Grass-babbler presence in central China as established by current range map.
    – 14 new breeding sites discovered in field surveys, half of these sites were close to human settlements, indicating the species could tolerate human disturbance and degraded habitats
    – Recalculated global EOO is 1,307,543 km2
    – Ecological niche modelling suggests a 18.9% reduction in its potential distribution in South China

    Full article:
    Zheng, X., Lewthwaite, R., Martinez, J., Yu, Y.T., Liu, Y., Yang, L. & Chan, B.P.L. (2021) Distribution and status updates of Chinese Grass-babbler Graminicola striatus in China: Implications for its global conservation status. Global Ecology and Conservation 26, e01463.

  2. Simon Mahood says:

    The only known sub-population in Cambodia presumably continues to decline in line with habitat loss, which was continuing apace this year. This sub-population is likely to be at the lower end of the 2018 estimate.

    New data published by Zheng et al 2021 makes it clear that the species should be downlisted, and offers hope that it is more widespread in southern China (and potentially northern Vietnam and Laos PDR) than currently realised.

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