Archived 2019 topic: Bogota Sunangel (Heliangelus zusii): no longer a valid taxon.

Bogota Sunangel (Heliangelus zusii) is currently listed as Data Deficient (BirdLife International 2019). Following a molecular phylogenetic analysis by Pérez-Emán et al. (2019), it was deemed that specimens placed as this species actually more likely represent hybrids between a female Long-tailed Sylph (Aglaiocercus kingii) and a male Heliangelus or Metallura hummingbird. Based on this assessment, Bogota Sunangel is no longer considered to be valid.

Long-tailed Sylph (Aglaiocercus kingii) is not thought to approach the thresholds for listing as Vulnerable under any criterion and will be listed as Least Concern.


BirdLife International (2019) Species factsheet: Heliangelus zusii. (Accessed 29/04/2019).

Pérez-Emán, J. L.; Perdigón Ferreira, J.; Gutierrez-Pinto, N.; Cuervo, A. M.; Céspedes, L. N.; Witt, C. C.; Cadena, C. D. 2018. An extinct hummingbird species that never was: a cautionary tale about sampling issues in molecular phylogenetics. Zootaxa 4442 (3): 491-497.

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  1. Red List Team (BirdLife International) says:

    Preliminary proposal
    Based on available information, our preliminary proposal for the 2019 Red List would be to adopt the proposed classifications outlined in the initial forum discussion.
    There is now a period for further comments until the final deadline in mid-July, after which the recommended categorisations will be put forward to IUCN.
    Please note that we will then only post final recommended categorisations on forum discussions where these differ from those in the initial proposal.
    The final 2019 Red List categories will be published on the BirdLife and IUCN websites in December, following further checking of information relevant to the assessments by both BirdLife and IUCN.

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