Black-winged Myna (Acridotheres melanopterus): Revise global status?

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  1. James Eaton says:

    There have been very few records from Alas Purwo National Park, for several years now, with a maximum of just three birds last year by Hery Kusumanegara, who visits several times during each month of the year for birding. The rangers on-site have yet to see the species this year.

    At Bali Barat National Park and surrounding area, the March 2021 census by the park rangers revealed a total of just 109-114 in four sub-populations (31, 22-27, 33 and 23 individuals) (Hery Kusumanegara, BBNP head ranger, pers comm). Poaching is still present inside the park, with three juveniles poached as recently as May 2021, after a good breeding season inside the park.


  2. Just a quick recap of conditions from a few years back based on observation submitted through Burungnesia (2021) otherwise noted:

    A. m. melanopterus:
    Two individuals were reported from TWA Muara Angke in May 2021 by Marzuki Fathur Rohman, but this is most likely part of 65 individuals released by KLHK in the same month (KLHK, 2021) after the last 2 individuals that were regularly seen went missing since 2017 (Boas Emmanuel, Khaleb Yordan & Desi Ayu Triana, pers comm).

    A. m. tricolor:
    Population in Baluran is virtually increasing, with up to 98 individuals counted in a single roost count in September 2018 (pers. obs). Thomas Squires may have a more thorough population estimate from this area in his study.
    As said by James, the population in Alas Purwo might have been decimated–with only 5 observations between 2017-2019 comprised of only 1-2 individuals; the last observations of 2 individuals were submitted in June 2019 by Happy Ferdiansyah.
    No sightings were submitted from Meru Betiri.

    A. m. tertius:
    7 observation submitted from Bali Barat National Park between 2018-2019 in 4 location, comprised of 2-8 individual; but I believe it is severely underreported and the BBNP’s cencus as mentioned by James represent well the current condition of its population in the area.
    Only 1 observation submitted from Nusa Penida by Ardi Wiranata in 2019, but this also might be severely underreported.
    In Uluwatu 6 were reported from in February 2021 by Fathur Rohman, but sightings from this area is regularly reported since 2019 (Muhammad Saifudin, pers comm.). Poaching is present in this area with a single poacher reported to trap several juvenile each year (Muhammad Saifudin, pers comm).

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