Red List Changes Forum

BirdLife International, as the IUCN Red List Authority for birds, carries out Red List assessments for bird species globally. If a species is undergoing a genuine change in its population size, trend or distribution, or if new findings allow a more precise assessment, it may qualify for a different Red List Category. Proposed changes or requests for information are published here on the Forums to seek input on comments on the assessment.

Active topics open for comments are arranged by major region:

On these Forums, topics describe the current status of particular species, new information that has become available, the proposed new Red List category that this information suggest is appropriate, and a request for comments or further input. Species currently up for discussion on the Forums are sorted by their region of occurrence.

Each year, the revisions that have been decided upon from input through the forums will be submitted to the IUCN Red List. New categories become official when the Red List is updated and released later in the year. Contributors who supply information that is used in an assessment will be explicitly acknowledged in the factsheet of the relevant species.

We invite you to share your expertise on the Forums and contribute to the assessment of the extinction risk of bird species worldwide. We would like to invite you to review the topics and provide comments indicating whether or not you agree with the proposals. We welcome comments and evidence that contradict our proposals, but we also recommend you to post messages of support for proposals you agree with, as this greatly helps us to assess all relevant feedback and reach decisions.

We welcome any contribution to the discussion topics, but please note that the topics are not designed to be a general discussion about the ecology of the species, rather a discussion of their Red List status. Therefore, please make sure that your comments are relevant to the discussion outlined in the topics.

To contribute on BirdLife’s Globally Threatened Bird Forums, it is not necessary to understand the IUCN redlisting process, but it may help to look at the Red List Categories and Criteria and at key terms and concepts of the Red List.