Archived: 2011 Red List final decisions

The discussion period for the 2011 Red List has now finished and final decisions have been taken – these decisions will be incorporated into the 2011 Red List, which will be released by BirdLife in May 2011, and by IUCN in September 2011.

Discussions on those species for which have not received enough information to make a reassessment (those marked as ‘pend’) will be held open for further comment – we  continue to welcome any further information and comments on these species, which we will now aim to reassess for the 2012 update. All other 2011 discussion topics are now closed.

The attached spreadsheets list the final decisions for the 2011 IUCN Red List – for ease of reference, the few changes to the previously posted provisional decisions are listed below in brackets:

Africa 2010-2011

Americas 2010-2011 (Scaled Ground-cuckoo Neomorphus squamiger: pend for further information; Baird’s Trogon Trogon bairdii: pend for further information; Santa Marta Wren Troglodytes monticola: Critically Endangered; Black-backed Thornbill Ramphomicron dorsale: Endangered; Cundinamarca Antpitta Grallaria kaestneri: Endangered; Paramillo Tapaculo Scytalopus canus: Endangered)

Asia 2010-2011

Australia 2010-2011

Europe 2010-2011 (Blue Chaffinch Fringilla teydea: retained as Near Threatened)

Middle East 2010-2011

Pacific 2010-2011

Galliformes 2010-2011

Parrots 2010-2011

Seabirds 2010-2011

Waterbirds 2010-2011

Please note that decisions on Australian endemic species have been pended until a finalised version of the forthcoming updated Action Plan for Australian Birds is available.

Many thanks to all who have contributed the information which has enabled us to make these reassessments.

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