Welcome to BirdLife’s Globally Threatened Bird Forums

BirdLife International, as the IUCN Red List Authority for birds, continually collates up-to-date information on Globally Threatened Birds from the published literature and from a worldwide network of experts. This information is used to evaluate the status of each species for the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM.

A species’ Red List status reflects the information available at the time of assessment. New information on the population or range size and trends of a species, the threats impacting it, or taxonomic changes may indicate that a species warrants uplisting or downlisting to higher or lower categories of threat. In such cases, BirdLife’s Globally Threatened Bird Forums are used to advertise the proposed change and to solicit relevant information or comment from a wide network of experts and organisations.

The purpose of the forums is to provide an opportunity for both professionals and amateurs, for birdwatchers, researchers and conservationists, to contribute information on globally threatened birds relevant to the assessment of their threat status and their conservation. Contributors can also share information on species that are listed as Data Deficient, suggest new species whose status may need reviewing, or propose taxonomic rearrangements.